Well. Its been another year. 22 was… difficult to say the least. Same old story, but different challenges met along the way.

I learnt a few things and rediscovered old, almost forgotten embers in the past year. New friends, golden memories, a few new ways to whittle my time away meaningfully.

As I grow older, I appreciate the little things more and more and realise that my dad taught me the most valuable lesson I carry to this day - Be a good person and always stay true to yourself. Regardless of what other people think or feel about your decisions or path in life, never allow another person to make your choices for you. They are yours, and yours alone.

I’ve learnt family is of utmost importance. Mine have been absolutely supportive of all my choices, good or bad. I hope to raise my (if I do have any) children with the same values my parents raised me with, with a few of mine peppered in.

But lets not forget friends. ‘The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’ The bonds forged and strengthened this past year with my friends is unforgettable. I thank God for every minute and every choice I’ve made to end up with such a great group of friends.

Its currently 11:37 p.m. on the 8th of April as I’m writing this and my birthday isn’t for another 23 minutes (holy shit turning 23 in 23 minutes so I can listen to 23 by Jimmy Eat World) but I guess I’ll be asleep by then.

Heres to reading many good books, writing music that will change history and friendships that are so powerful they last from this life into the next.

Happy 23rd Birthday to myself.

"He was an entity unto himself. His thought processes, his music, his verbalizations of things, his body language, his clothes. He was unique, he didn’t follow a pattern at all." - Linda Keith

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